making large pots – requirements

Please bring the following to the workshop:

  • banding wheel (a cake decorating turntable can substitute, or folded newspaper placed on a bat) OR a piece of hardiplank, timber or plaster board slightly larger than the base size of your intended pot (the board must be rigid, not bendy)
  • knife for cutting clay
  • ruler, setsquare or straight-edge to use as guide when cutting
  • cutting wire (piece of nylon fishing line approx 45 cm long with something attached to each end for handles, e.g. large buttons, pegs, sticks)
  • wooden paddle (a piece of wood approx. 10 mm x 70 mm x 300 mm will do)
  • pad or paper for sketching designs and/or pictures, photos, or ideas in any form
  • ‘found’ objects for texturing clay
  • brushes – various sizes and shapes – any old ones will do
  • old newspaper
  • wooden skewer or needle tool (e.g. a darning needle stuck eye first into a cork)
  • plastic wrap/bags and cotton cloths (old sheets or t-shirts are good) for covering work and clay to prevent drying
  • piece of hacksaw blade or old comb for scoring clay (NOT toothbrush)
  • metal and/or rubber ribs (optional)


1 bag of suitable clay is included in the workshop cost.
Additional bags of clay will be available for purchase, if required.

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