about the pots

Porcelain clays, mainly Australian and sometimes with additions, are used to throw or hand-build functional domestic pots – mugs, bowls, platters, teapots, etc., – anything you might ‘use’.

Every piece is individual. Sets of mugs, bowls, etc. may be the same size and shape, but no two are exactly the same.

If you would like to purchase a pot or place a special order please contact us.

hand built work

Pieces are made from Southern Ice paperclay. Brightly coloured slips are added and the pots are fired in oxidation to a high temperature for a translucent finish.

Interiors are glazed at bone dry, the pot allowed to completely dry again and then exteriors are glazed. I do not bisque.

wheel thrown work

Various porcelains are used, fine colloidal slips are applied to freshly thrown pots before cutting off the wheel. When bone dry the interiors are glazed, usually with an ash, shino or celadon glaze. The pots are then once-fired in a long throat bourry box kiln, using wood as fuel, to 1300ºC.

During the firing, soda (sodium carbonate) is introduced into the kiln where it reacts with the clay and slips to form a glaze. The pots become translucent and sometimes ‘carbon-trapping’ occurs. Occasionally there is some warping which adds to the appeal of the pot.

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