artist’s statement

To me, making pots is still a challenge. Making pots that are well made and made well is an even bigger challenge. I believe that women, particularly rural women, can do (almost) anything – and often have to from necessity.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘do one thing every day that scares you’. I try to do just that!

tiny translucent dish with inlaid decoration

tiny translucent dish with inlaid decoration

By choosing to work mainly with fine porcelain and then once-firing the pieces to translucency, I am pushing my skills to the limit. Sometimes I over-reach and there are disasters, but out of disaster comes knowledge and learning.

I make pots to be used and loved. I hope that my passion for, and obsession with, clay is transuded to the people who purchase and use my pots. I hope those pots become familiar, loved and well used.